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My name is Fernando, but everyone knows
me as Chopper, my name originated from when I was younger, I had a
Rockabilly band called: Los Chopper’s. I started working as a hairdresser in 1994, I was never too convinced I had chosen my profession well since I was not at all HAPPY with my work.

In 2007 I went to cut a friend's hair in a tattoo shop and someone showed me videos on YouTube of Donnie Hawley, and from that moment I dedicated
myself exclusively as a traditional barbershop for men. I like the old
school, that beautiful combination of music from the golden years of
rock and the art Donnie had tattooed on himself.

Barberia Tradicional Chopper Cuts

Uriarte 1306, 1414DAL CABA, Argentina

Tuesday 12PM–8PM
Wednesday 12PM–8PM
Thursday 12PM-8PM
Friday 12PM-8PM
Saturday 12PM–8PM
Phone: +54 11 4774-4374

Signature Style

My style is that of the old barbershop, I enjoy making all kinds of classic cuts, Pompadour, Slick Backs for example are some of my