Donald Conley


Donald “DC” Conley II- Born and raised in Compton, Ca. Donald Conley’s background in Barbering started with his mother attempting to cut his hair in their home. Her father was a Barber and she felt that she had inherited genetics of cutting. She was incorrect, but she birthed the passion for clipper cutting early in their home. Becoming the neighborhood barber wasn’t the final stop for Donald. Serving in the United States Navy, he became the unauthorized go-to guy when the sailors wanted a fresh cut before liberty call. After 4 years of active service, Donald decided to go to work in the private sector in admin support for City National Bank, Los Angeles, Ca. This was short lived and that passion for cutting hair called him to enroll in barbering school. This too for him wasn’t an easy road being expelled from his first school in Long Beach, Ca. Finishing barber school under the instruction of Mr. Claude Gipson a veteran of over 50 years. Gipson took him under his wing; allowing Donald to gain his first experiences in the barber shop without blinders; “He wanted us to be able to do any service Mr. G didn’t turn down any money.” This was the bases for what some would call a very highlight-filled career.

“Barbering is my art form, my sport, and my lifeline. If I weren’t Barbering I wouldn’t want to be anything other than a Barber. My family is everything to me and without my craft, I wouldn’t be able to do and enjoy them.”

With his latest selection to the Band of Barbers, the plan is to continue to learn as well be a strong contributor to the brand and the industry. “It has always been my choice to be a well-rounded barber thank you to Layrite and The Band of Barbers for yet another chance to continue to grow and inspire at the same time.

Donald Conley

Services include but are not limited to:

-Grooming services for music, film, or print.

-Discreet/ Sanitized/ Professional

-Flexible Availability

Office/ House calls prices range.

Contact Number: 707.392.9752

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