The Southern California native grew up around music and poured his soul into becoming a front man of band, getting signed and touring across the nation. As anybody trying to cut in it in the music industry will know, fame and fortune is reserved for the few and, with a young son to support, Jake turned his hand to another long-held ambition. 

“It came to a point where I needed to make money. I was sick of working part-time jobs so I made a decision to get enrolled in school. I wasn’t worried about becoming a famous barber, or tattooed Instagram barber, I wanted to be the best barber, the best at cutting hair. I didn’t care about anything else.”

Jake hit the ground running and quickly built a loyal client base while still in barber college. A penchant for the classics quickly emerged, all styles that lend themselves to the image and essence of Donnie Hawley’s Layrite brand and Jake admits he was an influence coming up.