Oscar Garcia

Hawleywoods Barbershop


Oscar is a licensed professional barber who is known for his precise traditional style. He has been refining his craft for over 10 years and is widely respected as one of the top traditional style barbers. Hailing from Hawleywood’s barber shop, one of the most premier shops in Los Angeles located on the east side of Long Beach, CA. Oscar prides himself on constantly refining his skills and creating a relaxing, fun, and stress-free environment for his clients. This has led to a loyal following of high-end clients and a reputation for one of the best classic styles.

Mr. Garcia’s passion for the art of barbering was realized at a young age. His love for the lost art of traditional barbering inspired him to carry on the tradition. “Seeing chain hair salons and corporate indifference for the art of what a barbering really is was a shame. I want to teach what I have learned in order to keep the tradition alive.” – (Mr. Garcia).

His first-place showing at Layrite’s Barber Showcase led to his sponsorship by Layrite Men’s Grooming Products. Oscar is proud to be part of their global elite education team and part of the Band of Barbers whose focus is to carry on the tradition of high-quality traditional men’s haircuts. You can find him and your Layrite products at his next class or at Hawleywood’s barber shop in Long Beach CA.

Hawleywoods Barbershop

2234 4th St. Long Beach, CA

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