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Barber Shop Oval Hair


Layrite honors the time-tested traditions of our fathers, and their fathers before them. When taking the time to look good wasn’t about vanity, but about preparing yourself to be good at something, and to do good for the world and others.

In other words, why a man looks good is more important than how good he looks.

Like that man, we also take our time. And by doing so, we are able to create the kind of high-performance products that not only exceed expectations but continuously reset the bar for traditional men's grooming in the 21st century. It is how we achieve our mission to passionately help people, barbers and communities look good, do good, feel great and Keep It Together every day.

Barber Shop Oval Hair

090 - 006 Hokkaido
Kitami City Miyoshicho 7 - 2 - 14

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